The type of Power Supply required relates to the Tegan Spot specified and the total system wattage. When using Soraa lamps, in-rush current must also be taken into consideration when determining total system wattage. Refer to Soraa’s web site or refer to Tegan Specification Sheet MR-16 LED #TG70 for details.

Note that Retrac System can operate with 24VDC drivers for the dedicated LED Spots (Pico 1, Pico 3, etc.) or 12VAC step down transformers for MR-16 Spots. Note that 12VAC transformers are available in magnetic or electronic; keep in mind that electric transformers, as a rule, cannot be mounted more than 10’ away from the Retrac System. If longer remote distances are required, the use of magnetic is recommended. Refer to Specification Sheet Power Supplies – Trac #TG13 for details.